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Business Development, Executive Management, and Scientific Support

Our services help you to make sure pharmaceutical industry, biotech/medtech, and investors will not miss out on novel opportunities We can help you keep track of emerging trends and future therapeutics.


Turn Your Business Up a Notch – Get Noticed

Business Services

We provide you the tools and services that will help your company get noticed.

  • Due Diligence

    We provide an in-depth analysis of a company's organization, assets, processes, IP, compliance, investigational research and more

  • Scientific Valuation

    Identification and scientific evaluation of break-through, innovative, cutting-edge technologies

  • Product Management

    We look at product pipeline & portfolio analysis, competitive intelligence, R&D to launch prioritization, ideation & innovation support, product management education

  • Portfolio Management

    Biotech and Pharma R&D Portfolio assessment, resources usage, risks and failure rates, alternatives. Diversification and Focusing across Therapeutic Areas and Technologies. Risk reduction through Strategic Alliances and Partnership. Setting metrics and KPIs/OKRs for an optimal ongoing portfolio monitoring.

  • Business Partnerships

    Identification and evaluation of partnerships/alliance opportunities for maximizing the long-term success of your venture and minimize risks

  • Custom Packages

    Need anything else? We are here to help you. We offer custom packages that fully suit your individual requirements. Contact us now.

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